Tuesday, December 19, 2006

BOINC and Tagging?

Following yesterday's conference, I couldn't help but keep coming back to the idea of tagging. Yes, I really do mean the popular concept of tagging used on so many social web sites like del.icio.us and MySpace.

Why tagging? It's popular and it could provide a possible answer to some of the problems discussed yesterday.

Finding Projects
If projects had various tags, a user could choose to subscribe to or ignore projects based on different tags they were labelled with. These tags could used by the account managers and other sites. Then as projects appeared and disappeared they could automatically be added to your client, if you chose to do so.

User Visibility
One of the questions yesterday had to do with retaining people and them being able to see where they sat in the BOINC world. Were they advancing or falling in the listings? Did their contributions matter?

What if users tagged themselves? Say I tagged myself with: Male, USA, Single-Computer, Linux, Missouri, MoBot. Then I could see how I placed within each of those tags. I may not show up on the overall CPDN list, but I might under Single-Computer+Linux+Missouri for example.

Well, good or bad, those were some of my thoughts.

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