Monday, May 21, 2007

Problems changing a BOINC server's name

The following email summarizes a problem that we had when we changed our server's name to make it available outside our firewall.
Solution found:
I wrote:

Okay we changed the name of our server from an internal name to an external one that can be accessed across the Internet. My problem is that bin/start reports:

Entering ENABLED mode
Starting daemons

And nothing happens. "ps aux|grep feeder" only reports the grep instance.

I have changed the server name in the mysql.user table, in /etc/sysconfig/network, in config.xml and I'm sure a few other locations. Restarted the machine, etc. I also verified the permissions on the new log_... and pid_... folders.
Found the problem. The 'stop_daemons' file was not being deleted by bin/start. I did not realize that the config.xml host setting should only be 'www'. Not the FQDN.

The config host has to match the localhost name that is internal to bin/start. This is *not* the same as what is returned by 'hostname'.

This took awhile to find, because no log files were being generated, neither did start report any errors. I only saw it by running feeder under gdb, where the output apparently goes to stdout/stderr instead of (or in addition to) the log file.

Ron Parker
One additional file that needed changed in the SciLINC project directory was html/user/schedulers.txt.

It is also necessary to update the app_version table. The path to the application files on the server is hard coded in the XML data fields of this table. Running bin/update_versions will update it, but it may be necessary to first delete the rows that refer to the old server.


Steffen Grundmann said...

Dear SciLINC staff,

since I couldnt find an email address, I'm using this way to contact you. Are you enabling the Message Board at the SciLINC-BOINC-website? Would be great!

Best regards, Steffen
Member of BOINC-Team "BOINC Synergy"

DISCOMgsvr said...

Sever showing 57,882 wu's to send but BOINCmanager getting "No Work from Project"

Trog Dog said...

Message boards would be good, also there are problems uploading pics to the profiles section and the message board sections.

Saenger said...


it's been asked on several fora, one of the more interdisciplinary ones is on BOINCstats, in this thread it's been asked:
(I hope it's not been deleted as a spam attempt)
Perhaps someone can come over there ans answer it.

Chris Freeland said...

SciLINC will be running again and sending wu by Monday, June 18.

Anonymous said...

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