Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Installing the BOINC Server Software

This explains the process of installing the actual BOINC server software on a machine and setting up a skeleton project.

Development Tools

If you have previously followed the guide on installing CentOS-4 for a BOINC Server, you will need to add the development tools required to compile BOINC. This may be done by going to Applications-->System Settings-->Add/Remove Applications. Then, scroll down, check Development Tools and click Update. You may be prompted to insert a CentOS CD, insert either the CD (or DVD, if you have it) and continue on.

After installing the development tools, it is a good idea to apply any available updates. Right-click on the Update Notification Icon and select Check for updates. If there are updates, apply all of them even the ones that are normally flagged to be skipped.

Accounts and Permissions

Since it is really too long for ablog post, read the rest of this document online at Google Documents and Spreadsheets.

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