Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Linux BOINC Server Fedora Core 6 Installation

This document explains the process that was used to install Fedora Core 6, FC6, onto the workstation that is used as a BOINC server for SciLINC development. FC6 is also referred to by the code name, "Zod".


Fedora Core actually has two separate meanings. The first is in reference to the operating system itself. The second is a reference to the Fedora Core repository. The Core repository contains a set of relatively tightly managed and non-overlapping applications that may be used to configure a server, a knowledge worker desktop or a developer workstation.

Where Fedora Core has overlapping functionality is usually a matter of widely accepted "standard" packages that provide the same functionality. The vim and emacs editors are examples of this. Also, Fedora supports both the GNOME and KDE desktops. Each desktop may have some programs with similar purposes that are better integrated into its environment. The firefox and konqueror web browsers would fall into this category.

Since it is really too long for a blog post, read the rest of this document online at Google Documents and Spreadsheets.

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