Monday, October 09, 2006

Building BOINC Applications on Windows

Eric Myers has an an excellent walk-through of setting up, configuring and Building BOINC applications on Windows.

JPEG Library

Eric's solution and project files should be automatically converted to Visual Studio 2005 format upon loading.

If you want to build a release version of the JPEG library, you will need to change a couple of the project's properties:

First, turn off the precompiled headers for the Release configuration.

Then change the Configuration Type to Static Library (.lib).

After building the JPEG library Eric suggests copying the headers and library file somewhere. So far I have not done that. I am trying to set up a single Visual Studio Solution file for BOINC development that uses dependencies and relative paths for everything.

OpenGL and GLUT

Following Eric's directions, I got the freeglut-2.4.0 distribution and decompressed it in a directory alongside my jpeg-6b directory. Then I opened the Visual Studio 6 workspace that comes with the distribution and allowed Visual Studio 2005 to automatically upgrade it. Once the Workspace has been opened as a new Solution it is set freeglut_static to be the StartUp Project (love those StudlyCaps):

Other than selecting the static library, freeglut seems to build out of the box.


The wxWidgets library is not used for BOINC application development. It is only needed to build the BOINC Manager, which can be downloaded in binary form.

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