Thursday, October 05, 2006

Pertinent BOINC Server Software Prerequisities

Some parts of the BOINC server (the feeder and scheduling server) use shared memory. On hosts where these run, the operating system must have shared memory enabled, with a maximum segment size of at least 32 MB. How to do this depends on the operating system; some information is [given in the PostgreSQL documentation under Managing Kernel Resources].

This is according to the BOINC Software prerequisites page. Basically it entails setting the SHMMAX parameter.

If the server is going to be run on Windows using Cygwin then the Setting SHMMAX in Cygwin mailing list conversation is pertinent. At this point in time it has not been determined whether the server will be run on Windows (with or without Cygwin), Linux, UNIX or some other platform.

Anyone responsible for maintaining or managing a BOINC server should read the Software prerequisites page. It contains information on setting up the server, backup procedures and other important tasks.

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