Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Fixing coLinux Fedora's passwd program

When I loaded the Fedora 5 image for coLinux, I got an error running passwd to reset the password for root. It looked like I needed to reinstall cracklab-dicts.i386, but I didn't know how to force this. I could not uninstall it, that would uninstall all most all of Fedora, which I discovered the hard way.

Someone had a similar need, only for their kernel, as reported in the e-mail [Yum] Re: yum install -force package. The solution was to run:
rpm -e --justdb --nodeps kernel-2.4.22-2g
yum update kernel
would "do the right thing" and reinstall the package. Well, I had to do something slightly different:
rpm -e --justdb --nodeps cracklib-dicts.i386
yum install cracklib-dicts.i386
If that does not work try using:
rpm -e --nodeps cracklib-dicts.i386
instead. I did both and I'm not sure which actually permitted yum to do its thing.

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